I am 2 years old!

Here are some pics from Matilda’s birthday party, attended by halmoni and harabuji (grandma and grandpa), aunt Margaret, uncles Dave and Dan, Tina, Cory and Dalton and great grandmother. She received a LOT of toys and books including a stuffed dog that sings songs, some blocks, a new jacket, a princess doll, and a princess skirt (seen below).


More Photos

Matilda learned how to sing the happy birthday song to herself and to say I am two! She also can say her name, but she pronounces it “mi-ti-da”.

We took her to the pediatrician for her checkup and she weighs 27.5 lbs (12.5kg) and is 36″ (91.5 cm) tall. I cant remember the percentiles, but she was roughly 60-70th percentile and her head is now proportionate!



We took Matilda to Lulu’s in Brooklyn for a haircut today.

She watched Cinderella on the tv while the stylist gave her a short bob with braids, barrettes and glitter.

Afterward, she got a lollipop and a balloon.


2 days to Birthday!

It is almost Matilda’s birthday. To celebrate we are going to go to a kids hair salon and give Matilda a haircut. The last time she had one was a full year ago. As you can see, she really needs one!

I am considering having it all cut off. She does not let me wash it, comb it or style it; so her hair is always a mess.


Matilda’s words

I have been trying to make a video of how Matilda talks for ages. She is trying very hard to communicate in her three languages — the result is just a lot of words stung together, stream of conscious style. Its hilarious, especially if you understand English, Korean and Spanish.

Matilda and Mateo from Mateo Aguero on Vimeo.

Mateo kiss? Foot cold! Mateo! Mateo! Kiss! Mateo blanket. This is. This, blanket. Mateo? Princess? My monkey. Baby. Princess. Bellybutton? Monkey. Shoes. Cream. W. X. OK. W. X. Monkey.

Mateo beso? Pies frios. Mateo! Mateo! Beso! Mateo manta. Eso. Eso es una manta. Mateo? Princessa? Mi mono. Bebe. Princessa. Umbligo? Mono. Zapatos. Crema. W. X. OK. W. X. Mono.

There is another video of Matilda and Mateo on Mateo’s site. www.mateoaguero.com.