Cabin Fever

We all have cabin fever. Not leaving the house for 2 weeks has been making us a bit nuts. Last night, we decided to go to the mall to stretch our legs. All the sales are pretty much over so we didn’t buy anything other than $28 worth of hair clips for Matilda. (She is wearing her new Hello Kitty clip in the photo).

Having the mall be our only option for distraction and entertainment is really sucky. We have to investigate some other ideas.

Anyway, here is a pic of Matilda enjoying mall Chinese food (yuck!)


I am so worried that Matilda is going to get cavities. She is pretty much a candy fiend and manages to locate the candy, cookies etc.. in the house. She also threw a tantrum because she wanted to open a can of Coke and we would not let her. It looks like Pablo and I are going to have to get all the sugary stuff out of the house.

I am trying to teach her to brush her teeth. Here are some cute pics. She doesn’t really brush, she just holds the brush in her mouth.

Update your bookmarks

First day back on the computer and I went a bit overboard. I setup blogs for each family member and I split up posts from Matilda’s blog into separate blogs.

I also setup an aggregator so that all blogs are collected on Most people will want to just use to read all posts. When I get another burst of energy, I will make the blogs as pretty as Matilda’s.

El primer día en el trabajo y me he pasado un poco. He preparado blogs para cada miembro de nuestra familia.
He repartido los posts entre los diferentes blogs.

También he preparado un blog que recoge todos los website de la familia. La mayoria de la gente usara para leer todos los posts. En cuanto me de otro golpe de energía haré los blogs tan bonitos como el de Matilda.

Matilda and Mateo

Matilda is doing great. She is really excited about him and can even say his name! She has already offered to share all her toys with him, even the pink monkey. She loves to help give him a bottle and change his diaper and wants to hold him all the time. Lets see how long it lasts!

Matilda and Mateo