Matilda is learning how to say her ABCs. I don’t even know where she learned it from because we were not actively teaching her. I think she might have learned it from Elmo. Anyway, we noticed that she was singing a song to herself and each word was a short syllable, like a letter. Then we finally figured out that she was trying to sing the ABC song. We’ve been singing it to her non-stop now and she can say A – B – C – D – E and then blah blah. Its really fun. I tried shooting video of it a million times, but she has figured out that the digital camera is a fun thing to play with and she stop singing the moment she sees the camera! I will keep trying!

Talking Matilda

Matilda’s language skills are really advancing… though I think she is behind other kids due to the trilingual factor. She can completely understand English, Korean and Spanish and will even follow instructions now. For instance, she likes to go to the trash to throw away her dirty diapers now and can ask for thinks like ice cream, or water, and ask for more.

I am trying to grab some video of her talking so all of you who don’t get to see her in person can hear her.

To update on our housing situation, we have had the department of health, HPD and our insurance company come and survey our living conditions. The landlord has agreed to make some repairs so we will be homeless again next week while they fix our ceilings!

We are still stuck in our contract on our condo (which we want to get out of now) and we are house hunting all over Westchester. The financial crisis has us freaked, but we are hoping that sellers are spooked and will be eager to unload their houses in case they drop further in price! Its actually nice to not have to rush to make offers on homes or to compete for attention from banks and brokers. Hopefully, we will be able to post in a couple of weeks that we have an accepted offer on a house and we will be able to move!