Un Niño!!!

We just got back from our 20 week anatomy sonogram and we are so happy to announce that its a boy!!!!

We don’t really have many ideas for names, so go ahead and post suggestions here! Any names have to be easily pronounceable by Americans, Spaniards, Catalans and Koreans.

Acabamos de volver de hacer la ecografía de las 20 semanas y estamos orgullosos de anunciar que es un niño!!

No tenemos muchas ideas para nombres así que, adelante! Dejadnos vuestras sugerencias! Cualquier nombre tiene que ser fácilmente pronunciable por Americanos, Españoles, Catalanes y Coreanos.

We’re Back

We just got back from Spain a couple of hours ago. We had a great time, but we are so glad to be home!

Here are some photos taken by Sonia of our trip. Will post more once I am organized.

Paella eating
Matilda eating Paella. She got pretty good at using spoon to feed herself.

Matilda ate tons of junk food on our vacation, like candy, potato chips, hot dogs and ice cream.

We got lots of great hand-me-down clothes and some new shoes!

Matilda loved being given rides in her grandfather’s olive grove in the wheelbarrow

We hit the beach a few times, but Matilda didn’t like the water very much. She did learn to enjoy playing in the sand.

Oh and to follow up on our previous blog post, we totally failed at getting Matilda to give up her bottle or to toilet train in any way. In fact she came back more spoiled than ever. Oh well!

Mmm.. Summer


We had our IRS audit today and we owe no additional money! Yay for good bookkeeping!

We leave for our vacation on Wed so our next blog post will likely be made while in Spain. Here is Matilda enjoying a fudgesicle.