Doctor Appointment Today

We took Matilda for her 15 month checkup with Dr. Gatti today. We love our pediatrician so much and Matilda checked out just great as usual.

Weight: 24 lbs / 10.9 kg / 76 percentile
Height: 33 in / 83.8 cm / 96 percentile!!
Head Circumference: 44 cm / 71 percentile

The doctor also checked out her teeth and told us that Matilda has almost all of her teeth! The only thing remaining is her 4 incisors (canines). We didn’t know this, but babies actually only have 1 molar on each quadrant. Their second molar doesn’t come in for quite some time!

On the great vaccination controversy, I was all set to not give her the MMR vaccine and I brought it up with the doctor. She was really understanding about it and listened very well and really left the decision up to me on how I wanted to handle it. However, she gave me one piece of information that made me change my mind. There has been a measles outbreak in NYC and more specifically, there have been measles cases in their practice on 77th Street. That just freaked me out and I immediately thought about Matilda playing with all the kids on the playground at 79th Street last weekend. So we decided then and there to give her the MMR (we also gave her the dTap vacination). I decided not to give her the Chicken Pox vaccine which was scheduled for the day in order to limit her exposure to live viruses. I am still worried, but I think I made an informed decision, which makes me feel better.


Our Trip

For my mom’s 60th birthday, we took my parents on a trip to Europe. We started by spending a week visiting family in Barcelona and then went to Amsterdam for 2 days and Paris for 4 days. The weather was beautiful and we had a fantastic time.

Traveling with Matilda was pretty challenging. She didn’t sleep much on the plane, and of course, she came down with a fever while we were on top of the Eiffel Tower. We took in easy in Paris and she is almost recovered now from her cold.

Here are some photos:


And videos:

Paris from Matilda on Vimeo.