Photos by Grandpa

Matilda’s grandfather LOVES taking pictures. On his first trip to Europe, he shot over 30 rolls of 36 exposure film in 11 days. The vistas of Europe cannot compare however to his first grandchild!

Here are a few photos that grandpa took of Matilda this week in his backyard.

March Roundup

Oh my god, its already April and my last 3 posts were about vaccinations! Sorry about that folks.

Here is a summary of all good things in March.

The first week of March, Matilda started clamoring to use the computer. I was really against this, but what can I do? She sees us on them for 10 hours a day. Its pretty much a lost cause. We plunked her in front of the pc and she immediately grabbed the mouse and started CLICKING. She really likes to look at her flickr page. It cracks her up to see photos of herself and other people she knows.

Matilda PC

The 2nd weekend of March, we had plans to go to a baby disco with friends. Everybody got sick though, so it ended up just being the three of us. Matilda was pretty intimidated by all the people, but we had a great time getting out of the house and dancing around.

Baby Disco

The weekend after that, we went to NJ to have Palm Sunday lunch (don’t ask, people commemorate it) with the Vigoritos. Matilda and Sebastian actually played together a bit! I have photos, but they haven’t been uploaded yet.

The third week of March, Matilda started to get more steady on her feet and started WALKING on March 21st! She is a great walker now and completely gave up crawling.

First Walk from Matilda on Vimeo.

The last week of March, Matilda sprouted a new tooth. Its the third one on the bottom. She has 7 now. She also is starting to try to use utensils (not very well).

So thats it for March! Watch this space for more photos and videos of her amazing new developments.