Stinky Milk

I really try to restrain myself and not discuss poop. Non-parents don’t understand why parents are always discussing their kids’ elimination. I myself always found it annoying. Yet here I am, blogging about poop.

Matilda has started drinking whole milk instead of formula. She likes it, but it causes her to have copious and really stinky poops. Its just unreal. I have really begun to question whether humans should drink cow milk at all. It can’t be good for you if its makes you smell that way!

Sadly, this has caused us to decide that we have to discontinue our diaper service. There is no way we can keep 1 week worth of cow milk poop diapers in our house. We are going to try to wash the diapers on our own, but mostly we are going to use disposable diapers. I reassure myself that we did good by the environment for using cloth diapers for a full year, but I still feel guilty when I think about all of Matilda’s diapers in a landfill somewhere.