Stokke Tripp Trapp

Tripp Trapp As previously blogged, we ordered a new high chair for Matilda. Its from the same Swedish manufacturer as her crib. I’ve always loved this chair from the first time I saw it because it can be adjusted for use through Matilda’s entire childhood. The thing that set me back was the $200 price tag.

Matilda’s godmother Marta offered to buy us one (moltas gràcies madrina!) so once she outgrew her IKEA highchair we ordered it. We LOVE this chair. It can be adjusted for a growing baby/child. She can sit in it for ages without getting bored and so far, she cant escape it.

Stokke Website

I think one reason why she didn’t like the previous high chair is that she was separated from the rest of us when we were having meals. Now, she sits with us. Check out this video of Matilda sitting at the table with us while we eat dinner and watch TV.

Lettuce from Matilda on Vimeo.

12 Months Doctor Appointment

Matilda had her 12 month visit to the pediatrician today. Here are the stats:

Height: 30.75 inches / 78 cm (90th percentile!)
Weight: 22 lbs 5 oz / 10.4 kg (70th percentile)
Head Circumference (45.8 cm) (70th percentile)

Since her 9 month visit, she didn’t gain much weight, but she grew a couple of inches.

She got her finger stuck to check for elevated lead levels and had 3 vaccinations (hepatitis A, B and Pneumococcal). She cried like crazy, poor thing.

The doctor says that its time to give up formula (yay!) and Matilda now can eat all kinds of stuff like nuts, honey, strawberries and shrimp!

Birthday Party

We threw Matilda a traditional 돌 (dol) party. Back when infant mortality was very high, making it to your first birthday was a very significant milestone and was a good indicator that you would survive! The first birthday party is usually a big party. We borrowed a traditional korean han bok and Matilda looked amazing in it.


Matilda got to endure a particular type of torture that exists in my family, which is to say, we made her pose for a lot of pictures.

Its traditional to play a game where you lay a selection of symbolic items in front of the baby. The baby’s choice is supposed to predict her future. The selection usually includes string (long life), money (wealth), rice (luck), pencil or book (academics) etc.. In modern times, Koreans (being very Korean) add things like a stethoscope (future MD), or computer mouse (future engineer). We put out a bunch of items, and Matilda just wasn’t interested in any of them. I guess she wants to leave her options open!

Matilda got soo many presents including the traditional gifts of gold (2 rings, a bracelet, and a necklace), stuffed animals, walker push toys, a truck, a drum, toy food, little people train, a toy laptop, lots of books, clothes and money! Here is a pic of her with her new walker wearing her party hat and her favorite scarf that her grandma made.

Push toy

More pics here

First Haircut!

Louise Brooks We took Matilda to Kidville NY today to get her hair cut. They have an awesome little “salon” with fun chairs and Elmo videos. Christine was super speedy and did a great job. I asked her to give her a cute bob haircut with really short bangs. Her hair came out awesome. Matilda looks like silent film star Louise Brooks!

Next week, to celebrate her first birthday, we are going to take her to a korean photo studio for official one year birthday pics! My mom’s friend loaned us a han-bok, which she will also wear at her dol (first birthday) party.

Check out the pictures on flickr!

Matilda Haircut


Matilda looks like her dad and acts like her dad, and from this video, you can see that she eats like her dad.

This video was shot in Spain. We were having chicken wings for dinner and Matilda wanted a chicken bone. So we gave her one to play with. To our surprise, she really enjoyed chewing the cartilage and little bits of meat off the bones!

The baby book says that she should be able to feed herself a cracker at this age. It doesn’t mention anything about chicken wings :)

Chicken Wings from Matilda on Vimeo.

Highchair Anxiety

Matilda hates being held down or restrained. The car seat, stroller, even diaper changes require lots of fighting. I can’t even hold her in my arms to lull her to sleep because it restrains her arms!

I noticed last week that she was able to wriggle out of her high chair, which has nothing but a lap belt to keep her in the chair. She would wriggle out of the belt, then stand in her high chair. Yesterday, she decided to see what would happen if she jumped out of the chair.

You must get super fast mommy reflexes because I managed to catch her by the seat of her pajamas and save her from crashing her head into the floor (again) by a couple of inches.

We ordered her new high chair today. I got the stokke tripp trapp which has a restraint that goes over her shoulders as well as her waist.

Things that its too late for me to buy

You all know how I love gadgets. I tried to restrain myself with the baby gear, but they make cool new baby stuff all the time. I wish I had these when Matilda was younger.

For instance, check out this cool diaper bag
It coverts to a changing table/bassinet! No need to lug around a pack and play for travel!!!

Or check this out, its a turtle neck bib!

This is a spoon feeding gadget. Get this, you fill it with baby food, and then you squeeze it onto the spoon and feed! You dont need a bowl! boonsppon.png

PS I might actually get this for Matilda in the future. Its a play sushi set!!

PPS I forgot something. When Matilda was first born, I kept charts on the wall and ran several timers so I would know how long it was since her last feeding, diaper change, pumping, or how long she was sleeping. It was kind of insane. The baby area looked like a corporate boardroom.

Recently, a gadget for this purpose was introduced. If/when we have another baby, I am getting an Itzbeen.