Nasal Aspirator Followup

Following up on my last post, I spelled it wrong, its Narhinel and here is a photo


I found out that there is a competitor product called Nasolin sold in Spain as well. Why am I so obsessed with this. Does no one else have kids that can’t breathe?

PS Happy Birthday Aunt Margaret. Sorry your birthday wish was appended to the post about snot.

Happy New Year

As you can see from the subject of my post, I am a bit behind. We left for Spain on Jan 3 to spend Reyes (Kings Day) with Pablo’s family in Spain. It was a great trip. And like all trips to Spain, it felt too short. Matilda had a great time playing with her cousins Ivan and Elena, and with Mirea (pablo’s god daughter). We came back with a suitcase full of new toys and its clear that Matilda has a thing for stuffed animals. Check out the pics here

While we were in Spain, we all picked up a really bad cold. It was Matilda’s first. As you might have heard, you are not allowed to give babies under 2 years old any cold medicine except Tylenol to lower a fever. We relied on steam and this nifty gadget we got in Spain called a Narinel. It technically just a nasal aspirator, but its so much better than the bulb style aspirators we have here in the states. Its a clear tube. You put one end in the kid’s nose and the other end in your mouth. And then you gently suck the mucous out. There is a filter in the middle to prevent any of the gunk getting into your own mouth. Its fantastic (though Matilda screams like crazy when we use it). The best part is that you can see the mucous as it comes out so you know if its working or not. The other aspirators I have are opaque and do not provide continuous suction. So basically, they are useless. You can get even more mucous out if you put some nasal saline drops in first, or do it just after a hot bath or shower. I looked around to see if there was anything like that here, and there is not! There is something called Mouche Bebe, which is pretty much the same thing. Or NoseFrida, a Swedish version. Anyway, I can’t recommend this gadget enough! Now I know what I am going to give to all new moms at their baby showers!

Matilda seems to be getting bigger and more like a toddler every day. She has developed what I like to call “character”. She seems to want to try doing a lot of things by herself now like eating, drinking or wandering around the house testing things out. She gets into a lot of trouble, like getting stuck in tight spots or unrolling the entire roll of toilet paper. She babbles a lot more than she used to and she can say momma and papa. I think it will still be a little while until she can walk.

In closing here is a recent pic of Matilda from her first bubble bath.

Matilda Tub