Tenemos nuevo blog

Matilda en el Museo de Historia NaturalHola a todos, este fin de semana a sido la fiesta de acción de gracias y como no Janey tenia algo de tiempo libre ha aprovechado para crear el nuevo blog. Ya solo falta que yo le pase una manita de pintura. A ver si esta semana tengo un poco de tiempo y le pongo un background nuevo y unas cositas, que no se diga que en casa del herrero cuchara de palo.

Ayer por la tarde fuimos al Museo de Historia Natural. Matilda se lo paso genial, le encantaron los dinosaurios. Los estábamos mirando y de repente Matilda empezó a decir: “ARRRRGHHHHHHH, ARRGHHHHHHHHH” y ahora si le preguntas que hacen los dinosaurios, dice: “ARRRRGHHHHHHH, ARRGHHHHHHHHH” Estaba monisima, tanto que la gente se al quedaba mirando hasta el punto que un pareja que pasaban por delante se la quedaron mirando y le hicieron una foto!! (Adjunto foto de Matilda en el museo haciendo “ARGGHHHHHHHHHHH”)

New Blog!

Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Matilda had her first Thanksgiving at her grandparents house. Here is a pic of her looking very annoyed. She is wearing a special Thanksgiving bib for her first taste of turkey.


I actually didn’t work this holiday weekend, so I spent the time setting up WordPress on Matilda’s site. Please bookmark this as the new blog location. Hope you like it! The design, is not that great, since I did it. Hopefully Pablo will find some time to spruce it up. The monkeys at the top of the page are pics of Matilda’s first toy, Clementine the monkey.

9 Month Doctor Appointment

We went to go see the pediatrician today for Matilda’s 9 month appointment. Her doctor by the way, is Allison Gati at Westcare Pediatrics. They are all really great over there.

Matilda weighed in at 21 lbs 3 oz, and 28.5 inches. Her head measures 44 cm. She is the 82% for height, 87% for weight and 66% for her head. So I guess she has a disproportionately small head.

We turned down the flu shot, so there were no shots today. I hope we made the right decision. We figure that since Matilda, Pablo and I seldom leave the house, her chances of flu exposure are very small. And since I haven’t given her any egg yet, I don’t know if she has egg allergies.

She did have her finger stuck to check for iron. She is not anemic so we are all good.

Babies and Computers

I really don’t want Matilda to get onto computers too early. I can’t believe that they sell keyboards or computer programs geared towards little kids. The way I see it, the less interest she shows in computers, the better.

However, when Pablo and I are on the computers all the time, how can we possibly keep her off them? She crawls over to us when we are working every day and as soon as she sees the keyboard, she wants to press the keys.

Pablo and Mariko got new keyboards, so we gave her one for play. So far, she is satisfied with it.