Ya era hora

Solo he tardado un poco mas de ocho meses en empezar a participar en el blog de mi hija. Debería caerse me al cara de vergüenza?? Puede que si. Lo cierto es que podría decir que he estado muy ocupado, que si lo he estado, pero también lo ha estado Janey. Podría decir que es que esto de la Internet no lo entiendo muy bien, pero casi que no. Bueno al fin y al cabo es que no sabia muy bien que decir pero he decidido, después de estar mucho tiempo mirando, lanzarme a la piscina y participar de una vez.

Hola a todos, Matilda es la niña mas bonita del mundo.

Un beso.


Baby Einstein

We bought Matilda one of those “activity centers” from the Baby Einstein line of toys. I am generally very skeptical of the whole Baby Einstein thing, but I thought that this toy might give me 10 minutes here and there to wash some dishes or use the bathroom.

We have had it for about a month now and Matilda refused to go in it. She started showing some interest this week and finally we got her to stay in it for around 20 minutes! Here are a couple of videos. In the second one, you can hear her laugh.

Baby Einstein from Matilda on Vimeo.

Baby Names

Matilda was named after her grandmother. Pablo’s mom is called Matilde (pronounced Ma-til-deh), but she likes to be called Mati, (pronounced Mah-tee). She was named after an un-married aunt who lived in their household, so Tia Matilde was the original one in the family.

Pablo and I went back and forth over names for the entire pregnancy. We actually stood at the counter signing the papers to leave the hospital still unable to complete the birth certificate. In the end, the other names on our list (Gabrielle, Olivia, Amelia, Beatriz) lost out because Matilda was the one that had a family connection.

Like all things about modern life, the variety of choice makes this a hard decision. I suppose that in the past, your choices were more limited, it was easier, but nowadays, you can can use just about anything as a name.

I just read a blog posting the NYT that says that the most popular boy’s name in NYC last year was Jayden. (If you are wondering where you heard that name before, its the name of Britney Spears’s second son). And Nevaeh is the fastest rising name in history (Heaven spelled backwards). Anyway, check out the blog posting, it has great tidbits like how you need approval from the University of Copenhagen if you want to give your child an unusual name in Denmark.

Frequent Flyer

Matilda just completed her second airplane trip to San Francisco! Both Pablo and I had to go out for some business travel and this time, Matilda flew first class!

Flying first class with a baby is the way to go. You have so much more room of course, but the flight attendants are so nice and will do things like hold the baby so you can use the bathroom etc…

I have to find someway to make sure we maintain our Delta medallion status… forever. Being in the “elite” class has so many perks. Matilda particularly enjoyed using the Medallion Check In Terminal at JFK.