Matilda’s cousins Ivan and Elena came to visit New York with their parents last week. They have all met once before, but this time we all got to spend a lot of time together. Here is a pic of them enjoying the day in Battery Park City.

High Chair

Matilda is eating her solid food three times a day now! She has fruit in the morning, rice cereal and a vegetable at lunch and dinner. She outgrew her bebepod and we became desperate to find some sort of high chair.

Pablo and I looked at a couple of high chairs like the boon and the stokke tripp trapp. Since we are so happy with our crib, we were about to plunk down the $200 (+ $40 for the safety rail!!). But after a particularly messy feeding, I realized that I don’t want to spend all that time cleaning wood furniture.

Then we took a look at Ikea’s Antelop. It costs $18.99 + $5 for the tray. Its totally plastic, meaning completely washable and for the price of the SAFETY rail of the stokke, we got TWO high chairs! We also love the design. It has a very small footprint and it is light, so we can drag it all over the place. So far, we are really happy with our purchase and Matilda loves to sit in this chair!


Matilda seems to have more hair than most babies her age. I kept wanting to give her a haircut, but Pablo insisted we let it grow long so that she could have pigtails.

Mainly Matilda

lets go on a trip

We went on a trip to Maine with Matilda at the end of July. I have to say, I don’t recommend taking a 5 month old baby on a long car trip. Matilda was completely miserable for most of the long drive to Maine. However, once we were there, she was a trooper, hiking with dad and being dragged to every lobster place we could find!