Starting Solids

This past weekend, we took Matilda out to the country to the Fass’s house! Mom and Dad got some well needed rest and Matilda got some much needed fresh air.

She turned 5 months yesterday and shows signs of being ready for solid foods. We got her a soft tip baby spoon and a box of rice cereal. Today will be our first test. Watch for video and photos soon!

Pablo and I are looking for a good high chair. Being design snobs, we want something stylish, but not too expensive. So far we have looked at: Nano High Chair, Stokke Tripp Trapp,Stark High Chair, and Flair High Chair. Got any suggestions?

PS. I forgot to post that last week, Matilda rolled from her front to her back. She can now roll around completely and she is beginning to kind of crawl!

Heavy Baby

We weighed Matilda yesterday and she was 16 lbs, 8 oz! She keeps getting heavier and my arms keep getting more tired. In other news, Matilda graduated from the bassinet to the seat of the stroller.

We looove our stroller. We really wanted a non-ugly stroller that didn’t have any babyish prints. I also, for some odd reason, am put off by strollers with cup holders and trays. And finally, we needed something that could accomodate both tall and shorter people.

We went with the UppaBaby VISTA and its not very common so I want to get the word out! Its kind of like a bugaboo in that it has a bassinet and a seat. However, it does a couple of things better than bugaboo:
- tires are not air filled, so no flat tires
- huge basket that is easy to access
- seat is very high off the ground, like the Stokke Explorer. this is great because she is almost able to sit at a table when we are at a restaurant
- can be folded with seat attached
- comes with goodies like rain cover and mosquito nets

The drawbacks are:
- its heavier
- the wheelbase is wider, making it harder to move around and get through doors
- the fancy looking frame gets kind of scratched up with use.
- lacks bugaboo suspension
- seat is not reversable

We paid a whopping $600 + $30 for a car seat adapter. This might seem like an obscene amount of money for a stroller, except that the bugaboo chameleon costs $900.00!! Either is a terrible choice if you have a car, but for those of us who need to walk everywhere, its great.