First Trip Abroad

Matilda went to Spain to visit her family over there this past weekend. We had only 5 days to meet with:

  • Grandma and Grandpa
  • Tio Jaime y Tia Maria Jose
  • Primos Ivan y Elena
  • all of the Agueros… really, all of them
  • almost all of the Cortes family
  • Matilda’s godmother Marta and Pablo’s goddaughter Mirea and her dad Raul
  • Manolo, Maribel and Natalia
  • el farmacista Roca y his daughter Ester
  • and Sonia and Cesar!

Somehow, Matilda managed to not catch any germs and also reverted back to her usual sleep/eat schedule. My daughter is a genius.

See the pics here and here

4 months

Matilda is 4 months old tomorrow. We have a visit to the pediatrician and we found out that Matilda weighs 14 lbs and 14 oz (6.75 kilos) and is 25 inches long (63.5 cm). That puts her in the 80th percentile!!!

We also found out today that she has 4 teeth coming in. Yikes! No wonder she drools so much now.

We also found that out turning over is not typical for her age, so as suspected, little Matilda is advanced for her ago. Harvard, here we come!