Don’t grow!

I blame my hormones, but I get totally weepy at the idea of my daughter getting bigger. I can’t even look at the 6 month baby clothes that people have given me. I don’t want my baby to get that big! And then she will walk, and talk and then won’t be a baby anymore!

If you check out her pics, you can see that every day, she is getting plumper. I can also see that she is getting stronger when I hold her in my arms. So I am glad she is thriving, but I want her to stay small for a little while.

Its worse because I had to go back to work. Even though she is around 20 feet away from my desk, I miss her and feel bad because I am not paying attention to her all day long.

Such is motherhood I guess.

In other news, my in laws came into town yesterday for a one month visit. We have the house packed full of people. And food.

PS Breastfeeding is getting much better now. I think we’ve almost got it.

First week

On Thursday, we celebrated Matilda’s 7th day! She already looks different. She has a chubby baby face now and her arms and legs have relaxed a bit so she isn’t always scrunched up into a little ball. Her cord stump fell off as well which is a relief because we were so concerned about accidentally injuring her.

Its incredible to think that according to my due date, she is still supposed to be INSIDE of me. The adjustment to life with a baby is going better. We are getting a little more rest and learning how to take care of Matilda.

A lactation consultant came out to the house yesterday. First off, lactation consultants are EXPENSIVE. I supposed if you compare the cost of breastfeeding to the cost of formula, it works out in the end, but I feel so broke now that I have a baby! Anyway, she really helped us a lot. The problem, she says, is that we have a very sleepy baby who is not demanding and also has a small mouth. The other problem is that I have large breasts and low milk supply (possibly related to my PCOS). The combination does not bode well for breastfeeding. The solution that she suggested was 1. use a nipple sheild (a silicone nipple thing that the baby sucks on and my actual nipple is underneath). it makes it easier for her to latch on. 2. pump my breastmilk as often as i can manage, a minimum of 8x a day. this is to protect my milk supply and hopefully increase it. 3. use formula because she is not getting enough food.

I was so surprised that she suggested that we give the baby a bottle. I was really expecting some sort of breastfeeding fanatic who thinks that bottles are evil. But she was really quite practical. The objective is to feed the baby and “nipple confusion” can be dealt with later on. So Matilda gets a few bottles a day and we are working on feeding her at the breast. So far, we have not made much progress but I plan to relax all weekend and get her to latch on as much as I can. Wish us luck!

Carbon Copy

Matilda has has lot of Pablo’s features, but she definitely looks a lot like me when I was born! My dad scanned this pic for me and you can see a lot of resemblance!

Everything with the baby is going well and I am feeling very good too. We are having some issues breastfeeding. Its not as easy as you would think! My breasts are huge and hurt like hell! And of course, the nights are hard. Overall, I cant complain. Pablo and I feel so lucky and so happy!


Matilda Olivia (Mi Ryung) Aguero was born on February 15, 2007 at 5:32 am. Her weight was 6 lbs 9 oz and she was 20 inches long.

The birth
My water broke on the 14th at 3:30am. We tried to go back to sleep but the labor pains came on pretty strongly so I moved to my birthing ball to bounce around a bit. Pablo started packing and contacting clients and friends to let them know it was time.

At around 7am, I got tired and decided to nap while Pablo watched a program about Archimedes and Greek weapons! I woke up every 3 minutes to have a contraction and in between fell into a very deep sleep.

Around 9, the contractions were getting regular and longer, so we called our doula, and packed to go to the hospital. We got there are 10:30, but I was only 3 centimeter dilated and I needed to be 5 centimeters to get into the birthing center. Unfortunately, due to the blizzard that was going on, we could not go back home. We labored in the diner across the street and the lobby of the hospital until 6pm. When I was 5cm, I was admitted to the hospital.

The birthing center was fantastic. There was a beautiful jacuzzi tub and the lights were turned down low. We got into the tub and the labor was just amazing. I was so moved by the power of my body and Pablo was in the tub with me helping me through the contractions. The jets of the tub and the white noise of the water moving helped to focus me and made the pain almost enjoyable.

Sadly, the water was causing the baby to have a rapid heart beat, so we had to get out. I labored some more on the bed but after 3 hours or so, my cervix got stuck at 9.5 cm and my contractions were no longer productive. I was too exhausted to deal with any more contractions so we made the decision to move to a standard labor and delivery room and have an epidural with pitocin to get things moving and allow me to rest.

After three hours on the pitocin and a very welcome nap, we were ready to push! They brought in a mirror and Pablo, Jocelyn (our doula), and my mother held my legs and encouraged me to push our baby out. After around 20 minutes of pushing, we could see her head crowning. I gave one last push and she came out all at once! The doctor put her on my belly and cleaned her with warm towels. I breastfed her soon after and we all fell into a deep sleep.

The birth was a total of 26 hours long, but it was worth every second. I am so glad that we went as natural as we could for as long as possible and I am so grateful to the women who helped me achieve our birth. Penny, our lamaze teacher gave tons of advice. Jocelyn, who is training to be a doula, was amazing. My mother was an inspiration. My sister kept us well fed. Dr. Playforth was so calm and comforting. And the nurse, Tamara, was an amazing help who anticipated my every need.

Well that concludes the pregnancy part of our baby blog. I will keep this up to date with Matilda news in the future!

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An yet.. still no news

Hi all, as of 12:30 on Tuesday, still no labor! What a bore. I started packing my hospital bag. Any moms or dads out there with experience? Let me know if I forgot something.


  • 1 black short nightie for labor
  • 1 black long nursing nightie for after labor
  • my pillow
  • gatorade
  • jello
  • ipod and speakers
  • lip balm
  • nursing bras
  • breast shields/pads
  • going home clothes for me (tshirt, sweater and yoga pants)
  • going home clothes for baby (kimono top, diaper, sleeper, hat)
  • car seat
  • shampoo, shower gel, toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, facial cleanser
  • massage oil
  • slippers
  • socks
  • old underwear
  • pads
  • old robe
  • bathing suit for pablo for tub
  • hairbrush, hair ties
  • lotion
  • a copy of the hospital pre-registration papers
  • ice pack
  • hot water bottle
  • birth plan
  • Cellphone and charger
  • stopwatch
  • arnica
  • my own toilet paper
  • camera and camcorder and batteries
  • baby blanket
  • other food for pablo

Mucous Plug

I went to the doctor again yesterday. I am still just 2cm dilated, but the baby has engaged into my pelvis. So I have officially “dropped”. I haven’t noticed a big difference other than the fact that I constantly have to pee.

However, I do think that I lost my mucous plug this morning. Its hard to tell, because it didn’t look like a “mucous plug” — I was really kind of expecting a wax cork or something.

I don’t think I am going to have a golden pig baby after all.

Golden Pig

In 2007, the Chinese New Year begins on February 18th. It will be year of the pig. But not just any pig, it will be a “golden pig” year, which happens every 60 years. Pig is considered a lucky sign, but Golden Pigs will be extra lucky. The birth rate in China and Korea has been projected to skyrocket in 2007 with couples trying to have a golden pig. So, I was pretty sure based on my due date that Pablo and I would have our golden pig baby, but now I am worried that we wont make it! Wish us luck that the baby will wait until the 18th to be born!

2 centimeters!

I just got back from the doctor for my 36 week visit. I had an internal exam which I have not had since the beginning of my pregnancy.

So she is examining me and says “Wow! You have a very large pelvis!” AND “you are already 1-2 centimeters dilated!”

So apparently, the chances are slim that I will be making it to my March 2 due date.