Belly Shot

Pablo took a lot of nude artistic photos of by belly which I don’t really want to share, but here is one where you can see how round I got! This photo was taken on Jan 26, 2007, so I was 34 weeks at the time.

I changed my mind…

Please baby, be early! I am soo bored with pregnancy. Yesterday I visited Chris and Bernadette who had Sebastian in early November, and Michelle and Conway who had Evangeline in late November. I got to practice dressing and changing the babies which was so fun! (Yes I know, it won’t be so fun when its 3 in the morning and I am faced with a big poop blowout). I can’t wait to get started with our little one.

Hopefully, I will get my wish. I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions, which are practice contractions for a couple of weeks now.


As some of you know, Pablo and I are planning on giving birth at the St. Luke’s Roosevelt Birthing Center. The birthing center is a section of the hospital focused on natural childbirth. There are three large rooms, each of which is decorated like a Holiday Inn room (floral sheets and curtains). There is a normal queen bed (I assume it has some kind of rubber sheets), a rocking chair and a jacuzzi tub. You can customize your birth experience with your own music, aromatherapy etc.. You can wear what you want, control the lights, decide who is with you and there are no medical residents coming and prodding you. You can move around and birth in whatever position you want. As soon as you feel well, you can go home! However, there IS a catch. No epidurals!

Since my college women’s studies courses, I’ve always known that I wanted a natural childbirth with no interventions such as IV’s, pitocin, catheters, episiotomies, forceps and such. I am not into pain, nor do I think I am being “brave”. I don’t judge women who choose pain relief or even voluntary c-sections. I just really don’t want to be subjected to medical procedures. I think the birth will be enough to handle.

I’ve been getting a LOT of flack for my decision to go this route. Its surprisingly unheard of for women in the US to have a natural birth experience. So I’ll give it a try and let you all know how it was!

43 days

43 days y’all. We only have 43 days until our due date! Anyone know any ancient Chinese calendars that can predict if you will be early or late? My mother was on time, and my mother-in-law does not remember. My sister in law was late by a few days. Please baby, be late!!


Yeah.. I know I said that we are not going to get any stuff for the baby, but I lied.

We decided to get a Stokke Crib. Its round! And it transforms for many baby stages.

And after months of searching, we settled on an UppaBaby Stroller! It seems kind of bugaboo-ish but cheaper and a larger basket.

My sister in law gave me an enormous box of fancy baby clothes so looks like our daughter will be a little fashion plate.

We also started registries for all the stuff that I swore we would not get, but we are going to get. Our registries are at BuyBuyBaby and Giggle (a baby store in Manhattan).

Baby Bump Goes to Paris!

Apparently, there is something called a “Baby Moon”, defined as the last trip a couple goes on before the baby comes.

Pablo and I had already bought tickets over a year ago to go to Paris (thinking we would never get pregnant). Our OB said it was ok to go, so off to Paris it was!

Paris is fantastic, just as good as they say. We froze our butts off, but had a cheesy tourist time at the Eiffel Tower.

After our trip to Paris, we spent another 10 days in Spain. I ate everything that pregnant women are not “supposed” to eat (raw milk cheese, cured meats, coffee) and even a few sips of wine, champagne and beer! I did however resist the raw oysters which are everywhere in Paris!. The baby seemed to be having a grand old time. She moved more than ever before and now I have a real kicking machine inside. I am also, as you can see from the picture, enormous from having eaten too much turron in Spain.

In other baby news, we started the first of six childbirth classes upon our return to New York! Starting childbirth class really made me realize that we are in the home stretch. I forced myself to sleep a couple more hours on Sunday morning because I realized that after the baby is born, I will probably never get to sleep in again until my kids are old enough for sleep away camp!