Not on the list

You know what name is not on the list of names? Bertha. My brother in law truly, sincerely wants us to name the baby Bertha. Baby Bertha — just how bad does that sound? Now, to be fair, it doesn’t sound so ugly in Catalan, but really, Bertha?

To make it worse, he has already started calling the baby Bertha. Like when he refers to it to other people, he says Bertha, and when he calls, he asks, How’s Bertha.

We need to come up with another name fast.

In other news, baby is a kicking machine and I am very fat.

baby names

Pablo and I finally broke down and bought a baby name book. I found a fun resource today, popular baby names by neighborhood in NYC.

Upper West Side
Ash, Caleb, Darren, Drake, Fox, Gabriel, Gareth, Julian, Max, Miles, Oliver, Simeon, Zachary
Althea, Cade, Faith, Hannah, Isabel, Lila, Lucy, Nora, Sadie, Scout, Sophia, Stella, Tess

Upper East Side
Bailey, Blair, Brewster, Carson, Cooper, Dustin, Harry, Quentin, Sebastin, Shane, Simon, Troy, Walker
Alice, Amity, Bailey, Blair, Catherine, Elizabeth, Eve, Grace, Gwenyth, Kendall, Louisa, Nell, Victoria

Squished Baby!

Apparently, this is the week where the baby gets all squished. Check out baby center to see fetal development stuff. So cool!

We have a sonogram on Friday and thats when we (with luck) find out if it is a boy or a girl!