People send me lots of links of baby development interactive stuff. Here are some links:

University of Maryland
The site is in spanish and you need Shockwave Player to see it. Click and drag the toolbar to see how growing baby squishes all of mommy’s organs and makes her grumpy and sick.

Life’s greatest miracle. Super educational/scientific things about genes and placentas and all that good stuff. Narrated by John Lithgow. Watch out for the birth scenes in the last segment if you are grossed out by that sort of stuff.

Is it a boy, or is it a girl?

Everyone is asking, “Do you know what it is yet?”. 4 years of women’s studies scripted responses start to form in my head, but the response I am going with is “Its a baby for sure”. We actually plan to find out when we have our 20 week sonogram on October 13. However, we haven’t decided if we will share the results. The presents will have to be green, yellow or orange

Is it time to share the news yet?

So some of you know it, and some are just finding out, but Pablo and I are finally on our way to parenthood! The baby is due on March 2, 2007 and so far, all is going well with the pregnancy.

For those of you who are into seeing sonogram pics, have a look. I’ve been told that not everyone wants to see my insides, but if you click you can see a cool 3-d image of the baby at 12 weeks / 5 days.

Espanish traduction

Algunos de vosotros ya lo sabeis, y algunos os enterais ahora, Pablo y yo estamos en camino de ser padres! El bebe se espera para March 2, 2007 y por ahora, todo va bien en el embarazo.

Para aquellos a los que les guste ver imagenes de ecografias, echad un vistazo.Me han dicho que no a todo el mundo le gusta ver me por dentro, pero si clickeais(??) podeis ver una imagenen 3-D imensiones del bebe con 12 semanas y 5 dias