Little Princess

Someone taught Matilda about princesses. And not just any princess, the Disney princesses. I have no idea how she found out about them, but we were in the paint section of Home Depot and she pointed at some Disney Princess wallpaper and clearly said, “princess”. And then wanted to hold onto some princess gear. Surprisingly Home Depot is full of princess stuff, like wall paper, wall decals, snow globes for christmas and keys. We ended up buying her a princess key. Its an actual metal key that you can get cut into a key for your house, and we got her one with the princesses on it. She lovingly carries it all over the place and says “princess” every 6 minutes or so while rubbing the key. Its weird.

In house news, we are all moved in. All the Ikea is built, furniture arranged etc.. We even did a little bit of painting. Its unreal — and great. Will post pics soon.