Stokke Tripp Trapp

Tripp Trapp As previously blogged, we ordered a new high chair for Matilda. Its from the same Swedish manufacturer as her crib. I’ve always loved this chair from the first time I saw it because it can be adjusted for use through Matilda’s entire childhood. The thing that set me back was the $200 price tag.

Matilda’s godmother Marta offered to buy us one (moltas gràcies madrina!) so once she outgrew her IKEA highchair we ordered it. We LOVE this chair. It can be adjusted for a growing baby/child. She can sit in it for ages without getting bored and so far, she cant escape it.

Stokke Website

I think one reason why she didn’t like the previous high chair is that she was separated from the rest of us when we were having meals. Now, she sits with us. Check out this video of Matilda sitting at the table with us while we eat dinner and watch TV.

Lettuce from Matilda on Vimeo.

Highchair Anxiety

Matilda hates being held down or restrained. The car seat, stroller, even diaper changes require lots of fighting. I can’t even hold her in my arms to lull her to sleep because it restrains her arms!

I noticed last week that she was able to wriggle out of her high chair, which has nothing but a lap belt to keep her in the chair. She would wriggle out of the belt, then stand in her high chair. Yesterday, she decided to see what would happen if she jumped out of the chair.

You must get super fast mommy reflexes because I managed to catch her by the seat of her pajamas and save her from crashing her head into the floor (again) by a couple of inches.

We ordered her new high chair today. I got the stokke tripp trapp which has a restraint that goes over her shoulders as well as her waist.

Things that its too late for me to buy

You all know how I love gadgets. I tried to restrain myself with the baby gear, but they make cool new baby stuff all the time. I wish I had these when Matilda was younger.

For instance, check out this cool diaper bag
It coverts to a changing table/bassinet! No need to lug around a pack and play for travel!!!

Or check this out, its a turtle neck bib!

This is a spoon feeding gadget. Get this, you fill it with baby food, and then you squeeze it onto the spoon and feed! You dont need a bowl! boonsppon.png

PS I might actually get this for Matilda in the future. Its a play sushi set!!

PPS I forgot something. When Matilda was first born, I kept charts on the wall and ran several timers so I would know how long it was since her last feeding, diaper change, pumping, or how long she was sleeping. It was kind of insane. The baby area looked like a corporate boardroom.

Recently, a gadget for this purpose was introduced. If/when we have another baby, I am getting an Itzbeen.

Nasal Aspirator Followup

Following up on my last post, I spelled it wrong, its Narhinel and here is a photo


I found out that there is a competitor product called Nasolin sold in Spain as well. Why am I so obsessed with this. Does no one else have kids that can’t breathe?

PS Happy Birthday Aunt Margaret. Sorry your birthday wish was appended to the post about snot.

Happy New Year

As you can see from the subject of my post, I am a bit behind. We left for Spain on Jan 3 to spend Reyes (Kings Day) with Pablo’s family in Spain. It was a great trip. And like all trips to Spain, it felt too short. Matilda had a great time playing with her cousins Ivan and Elena, and with Mirea (pablo’s god daughter). We came back with a suitcase full of new toys and its clear that Matilda has a thing for stuffed animals. Check out the pics here

While we were in Spain, we all picked up a really bad cold. It was Matilda’s first. As you might have heard, you are not allowed to give babies under 2 years old any cold medicine except Tylenol to lower a fever. We relied on steam and this nifty gadget we got in Spain called a Narinel. It technically just a nasal aspirator, but its so much better than the bulb style aspirators we have here in the states. Its a clear tube. You put one end in the kid’s nose and the other end in your mouth. And then you gently suck the mucous out. There is a filter in the middle to prevent any of the gunk getting into your own mouth. Its fantastic (though Matilda screams like crazy when we use it). The best part is that you can see the mucous as it comes out so you know if its working or not. The other aspirators I have are opaque and do not provide continuous suction. So basically, they are useless. You can get even more mucous out if you put some nasal saline drops in first, or do it just after a hot bath or shower. I looked around to see if there was anything like that here, and there is not! There is something called Mouche Bebe, which is pretty much the same thing. Or NoseFrida, a Swedish version. Anyway, I can’t recommend this gadget enough! Now I know what I am going to give to all new moms at their baby showers!

Matilda seems to be getting bigger and more like a toddler every day. She has developed what I like to call “character”. She seems to want to try doing a lot of things by herself now like eating, drinking or wandering around the house testing things out. She gets into a lot of trouble, like getting stuck in tight spots or unrolling the entire roll of toilet paper. She babbles a lot more than she used to and she can say momma and papa. I think it will still be a little while until she can walk.

In closing here is a recent pic of Matilda from her first bubble bath.

Matilda Tub

High Chair

Matilda is eating her solid food three times a day now! She has fruit in the morning, rice cereal and a vegetable at lunch and dinner. She outgrew her bebepod and we became desperate to find some sort of high chair.

Pablo and I looked at a couple of high chairs like the boon and the stokke tripp trapp. Since we are so happy with our crib, we were about to plunk down the $200 (+ $40 for the safety rail!!). But after a particularly messy feeding, I realized that I don’t want to spend all that time cleaning wood furniture.

Then we took a look at Ikea’s Antelop. It costs $18.99 + $5 for the tray. Its totally plastic, meaning completely washable and for the price of the SAFETY rail of the stokke, we got TWO high chairs! We also love the design. It has a very small footprint and it is light, so we can drag it all over the place. So far, we are really happy with our purchase and Matilda loves to sit in this chair!

Starting Solids

This past weekend, we took Matilda out to the country to the Fass’s house! Mom and Dad got some well needed rest and Matilda got some much needed fresh air.

She turned 5 months yesterday and shows signs of being ready for solid foods. We got her a soft tip baby spoon and a box of rice cereal. Today will be our first test. Watch for video and photos soon!

Pablo and I are looking for a good high chair. Being design snobs, we want something stylish, but not too expensive. So far we have looked at: Nano High Chair, Stokke Tripp Trapp,Stark High Chair, and Flair High Chair. Got any suggestions?

PS. I forgot to post that last week, Matilda rolled from her front to her back. She can now roll around completely and she is beginning to kind of crawl!

Heavy Baby

We weighed Matilda yesterday and she was 16 lbs, 8 oz! She keeps getting heavier and my arms keep getting more tired. In other news, Matilda graduated from the bassinet to the seat of the stroller.

We looove our stroller. We really wanted a non-ugly stroller that didn’t have any babyish prints. I also, for some odd reason, am put off by strollers with cup holders and trays. And finally, we needed something that could accomodate both tall and shorter people.

We went with the UppaBaby VISTA and its not very common so I want to get the word out! Its kind of like a bugaboo in that it has a bassinet and a seat. However, it does a couple of things better than bugaboo:
- tires are not air filled, so no flat tires
- huge basket that is easy to access
- seat is very high off the ground, like the Stokke Explorer. this is great because she is almost able to sit at a table when we are at a restaurant
- can be folded with seat attached
- comes with goodies like rain cover and mosquito nets

The drawbacks are:
- its heavier
- the wheelbase is wider, making it harder to move around and get through doors
- the fancy looking frame gets kind of scratched up with use.
- lacks bugaboo suspension
- seat is not reversable

We paid a whopping $600 + $30 for a car seat adapter. This might seem like an obscene amount of money for a stroller, except that the bugaboo chameleon costs $900.00!! Either is a terrible choice if you have a car, but for those of us who need to walk everywhere, its great.