Matilda’s words

I have been trying to make a video of how Matilda talks for ages. She is trying very hard to communicate in her three languages — the result is just a lot of words stung together, stream of conscious style. Its hilarious, especially if you understand English, Korean and Spanish.

Matilda and Mateo from Mateo Aguero on Vimeo.

Mateo kiss? Foot cold! Mateo! Mateo! Kiss! Mateo blanket. This is. This, blanket. Mateo? Princess? My monkey. Baby. Princess. Bellybutton? Monkey. Shoes. Cream. W. X. OK. W. X. Monkey.

Mateo beso? Pies frios. Mateo! Mateo! Beso! Mateo manta. Eso. Eso es una manta. Mateo? Princessa? Mi mono. Bebe. Princessa. Umbligo? Mono. Zapatos. Crema. W. X. OK. W. X. Mono.

There is another video of Matilda and Mateo on Mateo’s site.